We supply a vast range of advanced diesel engine oil for a wide range of businesses within the transportation and automotive industry among others.

We distribute one of the best diesel engine oil brands providing engine efficiency to heavy-duty trucks, top-tier motors, and European cars. Our diesel motor oil provides the protection and performance your customers need to suit driving challenges and changing demands. The engine lasts longer to give a smooth driving experience.  

Using the correct engine oil is extremely crucial for any vehicle. A lot of people tend to think that all oils are the same and buy the cheapest. However, it is important that you choose the right motor oil depending on the engine, and unique driving requirements.

Shell Engine Oil Guide

Engine oils are prepared keeping specific operating conditions in mind. The additives, the base oils, the hydraulic and transmission oils vary for different kinds of engine models. The basic role of any shell engine oil for petrol cars is to provide your engine absolute protection from wear and tear by lessening the friction between moving parts.

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Carefully selected diesel engine oil fully synthetic

Selecting the right engine oil is crucial. The different additives used offering distinctive functions include:

Detergents to cleanse the engine internally

Dispersants to eliminate undesired impurities from the vehicle’s suspension system

Anti-wear additives to improve the ability of the base oil and enhance lubrication properties

Anti-corrosion inhibitors to keep the engine protected from Sulfur present in oil

Anti-oxidants to avert oil oxidation. Oxidation of the oil generally causes an increase in sludge and sediment accumulation and base oil breakdown, which further results in corrosion

You can find our diesel engine oil for sale at competitive rates.

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