There are several methods of how to start your dead battery. Jump starting a vehicle with a dead or discharged battery can be done by supplying power to it externally. Traditionally, jumper cables were used as a temporary connection between the batteries of two vehicles to jump start the dead battery.

With new technologies coming up, the lithium-ion car jump starter pack is the new norm. As the name suggests, these jump starters are powered by a lithium-ion battery.

We are one of the largest distributors of different kinds of jump starters for cars and trucks in Australia. Being the leader distributors of jump starter packs and kits, we sell at the best market prices.

Our Mission and Vision

We aspire to be the best sales and distribution company for Jump Starters in Australia by connecting people with the products of their choice and requirement. Our mission is to spread awareness across so that no one gets stranded with a dead battery on the road. We believe in developing customer focused, friendly, socially responsible business in Australia.

His partnership approach means you can count on Anthony and his team to deliver on time and with care. Contact Anthony today.

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Features of our Most Popular Products:

Portable Jump Starter – Our portable jump starters are small in size and convenient to carry. They allow you to jump-start a car without any help of any other vehicle in seconds. Hence, it keeps the driver free from the stress of getting stranded on the road.

Jump Starter Battery – You can buy jump starter battery from us which is easy to recharge, has heavy duty insulated clamps, three foot long jump starter cable and with warranty.

3 in 1 Car Jump Starter – We offer you a product which is a compact, complete package including features of a car jump starter, jump starter power bank and LED emergency flash light. This product can start cars, trucks, motorcycles and many more with gas or diesels engine. Dual built-in USB charging ports can be used to charge smartphones, tablets and mobiles. Its LED light can be used for up to 120 hours when fully charged.

Jump Starter Booster - Our jump starter packs can help start a dead battery in a fraction of seconds. Our powerful jump starter booster box can start cars, boats, motorcycles and more.

Lithium Ion Jump Starters – These are the hottest selling automotive products these days. They are compact, lightweight, easy to store and considered best jump starters for diesel engines too. This jump starter pack has a heavy duty jump starter which can be charged and left for a year without recharging. It can charge your vehicle’s battery 30 times before actually needing to recharge it.

Jump Starter is a must-have if the car's battery being old or dead or doesn’t have enough power to start your car. It is not worth taking a risk of driving a car and getting stranded on the road due to a dead battery. We sell a huge range of variety of best jump starters for your vehicles and also provide you with after sale support.

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