Engine oils are made using three essential ingredients – base oils, performance additives and viscosity modifiers. The perfect blend is skilfully selected and prepared to give an engine maximum protection.

Shell diesel engine oils are formulated with utmost care to enhance the performance and efficiency of your engine. Shell engine oil for cars ensures that different components of the engine do not rub against each other and friction doesn’t cause engine seizure.

Shell engine oil products come in a wide range to suit the unique requirements of different driving challenges and terrains. From heavy-duty trucks, motorbikes, to light motor vehicles and racing cars, there is engine oil for all. We supply the best quality shell fully synthetic diesel engine oil, shell synthetic diesel engine oil, shell engine oil semi-synthetic and more.

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Shell engine oil for diesel cars and Shell engine oil for petrol cars come with different performance additives based on the engines of the car models. Some of the special features of our engine oil range include:

Ultimate Active Cleansing Technology: Keeps high-performance engines protected from any kind of performance hampering deposits.

Corrosion protection: Enhances engine life by preventing wear of surfaces.

Sludge protection: Sludge and sediment accumulation hampers the mobility of engine components. Shell Engine oils keep your engine clean, just as it was in the factory.

Active clean-up: Our engine oils consistently remove sludge leftover by inferior oils.

Low evaporation: The consistency of the oil is such that it lasts longer and the need for frequent top-ups is less.

Long life: In several cases, Shell engine oils have delivered exceptional protection and cleaning improving the performance and life of the vehicle’s engine. The driving experience is always just as it would be after a servicing appointment. Engine oil is a must for new and even older engines.

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