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Vehicles today need motor oil that is suitable for the changing driving terrains and to improve the performance and life of the engine. At Shell, we understand your requirements and offer a wide range of Shell Helix engine oils. These oils are designed to meet different driving challenges and give your vehicle the smooth drive you deserve.

The Shell Helix engine oil range has Shell Helix Ultra with PurePlus Technology, a one of its kind synthetic motor oil produced from natural gas, and premium multi-grade oils for every kind of terrain and environment.

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Our Product Range

  1. Shell Helix Fully Synthetic Motor Oils: Manufactured with 100% synthetic base stock and quality additives, this synthetic oil improves your engine’s performance level and provides daily protection. We infuse a superior Active Cleansing Technology to this motor oil, giving it the ability to offer excellent cleansing. Some of the most advanced formulations for high-performance engines in the shell helix ultra and shell helix hx8 include: shell helix ultra 5w-40, shell helix ultra ect c3 5w-30, shell helix ultra-extra, shell helix ultra-extra 5w-30, and shell helix 5w30 fully synthetic oil.
  2. Shell Helix Semi Synthetic Oil: A combination of both synthetic and mineral base stocks result in engine oil that protects your engine and achieves high performance. This cannot be prepared with the use of mineral oils alone. With the use of different products under the shell helix hx7 range, engine feels new, and the need for frequent top up is lesser.
  3. Shell Helix Mineral Motor Oils: These oils effectively lubricate engines and are a fraction of the naturally occurring crude oil. They protect the engine from harmful sludge and efficiently maintain cleanliness. Use the shell helix hx3 20w50, shell helix hx5, shell helix hx3 range to providing reliable protection to even the older engines.
  4. Shell Helix High Mileage Oils: Certain engines are high-mileage engines and need motor oil that can support their life and performance. High mileage oils are prepared with anti-wear agents to hinder the wear and tear, and extend an engine’s life. The range under this engine oil includes Shell Helix HX3 High Mileage, Shell Helix HX5 High Mileage, and Shell Helix HX7 High Mileage to serve different engine categories.
  5. Shell Helix Diesel Motor Oils: Diesel engines, of course require a different range of engine oils and this one is formulated for just that. Shell Helix Ultra Diesel is a fully synthetic motor oil range to deliver high-performance.
  6. Shell Helix ECT Oils: Using Shell PurePlus Technology, this one is the most advanced engine oil for reducing vehicle emissions and improving fuel economy. Diesel particulate filters remain clean, and there is no ash build-up.

Our Shell Helix products suit every engine and shell helix price is affordable for every pocket. So, think no more and choose the right shell helix motor oil today!

You can also find a shell helix oil guide on our website to understand how and when you need to use the motor oil. 

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