Types of Greases

Most find the process of grease selection complicated and confusing. However, this does not have to be when we are around to assist you.

There are different types of greases available in the market today such as industrial greases, dielectric greases, bearing greases and thermal greases but the composition and its usage is what sets them apart.

Three essential grease components are used to formulate grease – base oil, additives and thickener. Let us demystify them to understand the real purpose:

Base oil helps to lubricate parts, reducing friction between moving components. The function of the base oil is the same as that of lubricant oil.

Additives enhance the lubricating properties of the oil, improving traits like rust prevention and wear protection.

The thickener works just like a sponge. It holds the oil creating a reserve and releases it only when there is a need. The thickener reacts to vibration, movement and temperature changes.

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Synthetic oil-based greases vs Mineral oil-based greases

Mineral oil-based greases provide high-performance capabilities for many applications.  However, synthetics offer several advantages, along with improved oil life. The biggest advantage of synthetic fluids is that they maintain their lubricating ability across various temperature ranges.

When temperature increases, synthetic oil does not easily thin out as compared to the mineral based. The protective film created by synthetics is much stronger between surfaces and does not cause corrosion or friction even in high temperatures. Furthermore, chances that these oils will degrade in times of elevated temperatures are low – a process also referred to as oxidation.

During low temperatures, mineral oil does not maintain as much viscosity as is maintained by synthetic oil.

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